Dec 15, 2010: A Jewish Understanding of Christianity

We'll begin our session by wrapping up some loose ends from the previous conversation.  But, for the most part, our time will be devoted to exploring a Jewish Understanding of Christianity. 

The handout for the class can be found here.

Supplemental reading is really critical on this important subject, which we will only be able to touch on in passing.  If you're interested, I encourage you to check out:
As far as other material online, check out this page, and don't forget the other links on the left under "CHRISTIANITY."

Following our class, I would invite you to reflect on the following question, and to post online so that we can extend our conversation together:  To what extent does the academic study of history (and its related disciplines like archaeology and anthropology) impact your personal faith?  Your understanding of God?  Of miracles?  Of the possibility of revelation/divinely revealed Scripture?  This class relies on a historically-informed survey of event surrounding the life of Jesus.  If you identify as Christian, did that make you uncomfortable?  What about Rabbi Brown's frank admission regarding his comfort about applying those same tools to the study of Judaism?  Is this approach to religion within your comfort zone or outside side of it?  All of your thoughts are welcome!

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